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Where does one get wholesale sippy cups? And what is really available to the average household?

Sippy cups come in all varieties. There are 5 ounce, 7 ounce, 10 ounce, 12 ounce, with1 or 2 handles, without handles at all, thermos - type and non - thermos - type. Then there are those with pictures of trains, cars, balloons, cartoon characters (too many to name), solid colors with different color lids, pastel colors through which you can see the liquid. Some with lids that flip open, lids that accommodate straws - lids that pop on, lids that screw on. Girly colored cups, boyish colored cups, gender-neutral colored cups - they're all out there. But they're in the stores. The discount stores, the high end baby stores, the low end baby stores, the consignment stores, garage sales, passed from one family to another - from baby to baby - toddler to toddler.

How do you find them at wholesale prices? Wholesale sippy cups are available online, if you're willing to buy 10 or 12 of one style. The real problem is that no one wants a cupboard full of the same sippy cup for their toddler. Even children like a variety, but without a doubt, moms want a variety. To avoid the problem, you could join a group of moms, buy several varieties and split them up. In this way, you might have a couple of the same color cup and lid, but you would be able to get a nice variety as well. You can also buy them in the dollar-type stores. These stores buy overstocked merchandise from many different venues, so even if the store nearest you did not have any sippy cups, the store a couple of miles away might have a rack of them. This is one of the ways to get a lot of them at different colors, they might all be the same style, depending on how the store happened upon the stock, but there would be a choice of colors within their rack.

Online auction websites sometimes have sippy cups at great prices, but you won't get as many choices there. Usually the auction sites are individuals that bought a big quantity of all the same cup. It's ok if you just want a bunch of cups at a great price - just watch out for shipping. If your goal is to have a variety of colors, styles, cartoon characters, etc. you might have to bite the bullet and just pay for them one at a time list most people. Buying anything strictly wholesale usually means a bunch of the same thing. Fortunately, they can all go in the dishwasher. Just don't forget to pop out the plastic piece in the lid that keeps the liquid from spilling out.
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